human extensions, defragmentation, mutations and their manifestation in their mental or physical environment. Depending on what we long for and what we need.

With the new demands of living conditions, it shifts the human boundaries into human impossibility. Mutations have expanded, new features to withstand a possible imbalance to compensate handicaps, in accordance with further new circumstances and to remain competitive and viable over time. These changes take place in relation to the background of the urban environment, which reflects one’s interior. The cycle “Suffocation” but also deals with the opposite positioning, the retreat and the state holding the identity.

Heads grow in the form of plastic bags, More heads, animal heads or are again not available, or incorporated into a materiality -inside, inside-materiality. Picturesque backgrounds Advanced urbanity, occupation, ambition, nature, lights oceans or fragments of architectural or electronic Details merge into the people and these merge into a kind of psychic camouflage with their background. Collage-like-structured forms and premises give a mixture of sensations. Awakening Utopian architectural worlds with new residents. Or retreat into the self to adapt to escape the merger.


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