DISCOnnect – After the Nighthawks left town

In his latest novel “The possibility of an island”, the author Michel Houellebecq deals with the ever growing desperation of an aging male protagonist: Wherever he goes, he finds himself surrounded by G-strings sticking out of the pants of young ladies. His lust is being painfully increased, yet satisfaction is not guaranteed: G-Strings mark the borderline between young and old, hot and not. And he is not. The german painter Daniela Wolfer (Stuttgart), also known as DJ Dirty Daniela, has now dedicated a series of large-sized oil-paintings to those playful dicso-nymphos. It is only logical that after museums and art galleries have adapted to club culture, the club and its protagonists are being musealized on their part – Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” have long left town and Saturday- Night-Kids have entered the spot, populating the urban nights as well as Wolfer’s canvases. The latter do not deal with the new economy of lust, rather do they display lust just like modern disco-girlies do: With an air of implicitness and an air of perfect sexualized anonymity. As the title of the exhibtion suggests, the G-string on the one hand is a code of the “Disco-Connection”, a visual sign of agreement, on the other hand it constitutes a “Dis-Connection”: It depicts the road to lust and luck which, however, leads to nowhere for all those outside of the “Forbidden City”.

Jörg Scheller

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