Chick Tools

This term refers as well as the achievement and the steps into the so-called “final round”. The women are dressed to the outward appearance, suitable for a swanky cocktail party. Nevertheless, the elegant ladies here wear, instead of fine designer handbags, oversized kitchen appliances, baseball bats, cinch cables and various trivial tools. Reaching the final in freedom and equality – there is nothing in the way for the forfeiting of stereotyped female attributes.

The painting „Frau mit dem Fleischklopfer” carries an ancient object of domestic use and strides confidently forward. While the image in the image, which hangs framed in the background, shows the same woman carrying an ax. Her path is it the other way and describes the way into the reactionary past.

In all work tools appear as accessories, framed by facades, garage doors or picket fences.

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