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Chick Tools

This term refers as well as the achievement and the steps into the so-called “final round”. The women are dressed to the outward appearance, suitable for a swanky cocktail party. Nevertheless, the elegant ladies here wear, instead of fine designer handbags, oversized kitchen appliances, baseball bats, cinch cables and various trivial tools. Reaching the final in freedom […]

Prime Time

 “Prime Time” deals with snapshots from the night life, the study, such as posture and accessories at any given moment be an existential self-expression. Flashing from the crowd of partygoers details save from the psychology of the individual with intent and focus instead on the politically motivated demonstration of physical stimuli as well as the […]


 „Suffocation“: human extensions, defragmentation, mutations and their manifestation in their mental or physical environment. Depending on what we long for and what we need. With the new demands of living conditions, it shifts the human boundaries into human impossibility. Mutations have expanded, new features to withstand a possible imbalance to compensate handicaps, in accordance with […]


DISCOnnect – After the Nighthawks left town In his latest novel “The possibility of an island”, the author Michel Houellebecq deals with the ever growing desperation of an aging male protagonist: Wherever he goes, he finds himself surrounded by G-strings sticking out of the pants of young ladies. His lust is being painfully increased, yet […]